SHIMANO Metanium MGL HG Left Handle Bait casting Reel

SHIMANO Metanium MGL HG Left Handle Bait casting Reel

Price: US$321.99


Item description

Gear ratio: 7.4

Maximum drag force (kg): 5.0

Weight (g): 175

Spool size (diameter mm / width mm): 34/22

Nylon thread wound amount (lb.-m): 12-100, 14-90, 16-80, 20-65

Maximum winding length (cm / one turn of handle): 79

Handle length (mm): 42

Number of bearings (SA - RB / Roller): 10/1

[Silent Tune] The quiet & low vibration structure that the rotation rises smoothly. : This mechanism reduces the vibration of the bearing during high-speed rotation by applying a slight pressure to the bearing holding the spool. This realizes further quietness improvement during casting. Rise of spool rotation has become even smoother.

Micro module gear


"HAGANE" body

CI 4 +

[Magnum light spool] A new form of a light and strong "flying" spool with a hole on the side wall. : The moment of inertia of the spool that affects the casting performance of the bait reel. In development, we have made blanking and thinning to the spool barrel diameter for the purpose of decreasing it, but in "NEW Magnum Light Spool", in order to puncture the side of the spool which has been considered technically impossible success. We achieved about 10% reduction in moment of inertia compared to our company, and in fact marked up about 20% increase in flight distance.

[NEW SVS ∞ (Infinity)] It can correspond widely with external dial adjustment. Next-generation centrifugal brakes further evolve. : "NEW SVS ∞ (Infinity)" is a centrifugal brake, but realizes the brake adjustment range that can correspond to most situations only by adjusting the external dial. Adjustment of the internal brake shoes is not necessary if 4 brake shoes are turned on during casting. When finer setting is required, fine adjustment with internal brake shoe is possible. (The four brake shoes are on when shipped.)

Label: SHIMANO (Shimano)
Brand: Shimano (SHIMANO)
Versatile 70-sized with the latest specs. - The mounted "NEW Magnum Light Spool" significantly reduces the moment of inertia by blanking the side and making the shallow spool of 70 sizes. Achieved about 20% increase in average distance (compared with our company). Together with "NEW SVS ∞ (Infinity)", it is possible to speedily adjust the brake with only the external dial. Of course, "micro module gear" "X - SHIP" "HAGAN