Shimano 19 OCEA Conquest Limited 400HG Right

Shimano 19 OCEA Conquest Limited 400HG Right

Price: US$489.80

Item description

Gear ratio: 6.2

Maximum drag force (kg): 7.0

Weight (g): 375

PE winding amount (No.-m): 2-500, 3-320, 4-250

Maximum hoisting length (cm/1 turn of handle): 84

Spool size (diameter/width) (mm): 43/29.3

Spool lower winding line (PE-m): 1/3, 2/3

Handle length (mm): 75

Number of bearings (BB/roller): 10/1

Dark blue limited with clear fall. A limited specification equipped with a fall lever is now available in the Ossia Conquest, a dual-axis reel for offshore that offers maximum toughness, smoothness, and operability. With the addition of the fall function, the superiority in actual fishing has further increased. It has both lightness and aggressive jigging. Not only the universal jig action, but the fall lever will greatly expand the pattern of feeding. Also, a special existence...