Shimano 19 SEPHIA SS C3000SDH

Shimano 19 SEPHIA SS C3000SDH

Price: US$219.00


Item description

Gear ratio: 5.0

Practical drag force (kg): 3.5 / Maximum drag force (kg): 9.0

Own weight (g): 220

Spool size (diameter/stroke) (mm): 46.5/14.5

PE thread winding amount (No.-m): 0.6-200, 0.8-150, 1-110

Maximum hoisting length (cm/one rotation of handle): 73

Handle length (mm): 45

Number of bearings (SA-RB/roller): 7/1

Strengthened waterproofness. Enhances the sense of unity with the rod, and supports crisper and stay. A new middle class that approaches the performance of high-end models. The strength and smooth winding feel of the HAGANE gear. The specifications of the previous work, such as the Magnum Light Rotor, which reduces the rotational inertia, remain the same as before, but core protection is used to enhance waterproofness. Equipped with a rigid support drag that allows you to send and receive smoothly with a smooth line. In addition, by adopting a G-free body, the center of gravity of the reel is brought closer to the hand, and the rod ...