Shimano 20 Metanium XG Left-handed

Shimano 20 Metanium XG Left-handed

Price: US$299.80


Item description

Gear ratio: 8.1

Maximum drag force (kg): 5.0

Weight (g): 175

Spool size (diameter/width) (mm): 34/19

Nylon bobbin volume (lb-m): 12-100, 14-90, 16-80, 20-65

Maximum hoisting length (cm/one rotation of handle): 86

Handle length (mm): 42

Number of bearings (BB/roller): 10/1

Description of item

Equipped with a tough core solid body and low inertia Magnum Light Spool III. A new frontier of Versatile that realizes strength, lightness and goodness of pulling out. A lightweight, highly operable, wide-defense technical all-rounder equipped with a magnesium-integrated core solid body and a Magnum Light Spool III that achieves a light start-up and good stretch. It has improved light operability and adaptability to tough fishing, and can handle winding, shooting and light rigs technically. Furthermore, while maintaining its light weight, it is equipped with an ultra-high-strength brass drive gear to improve its toughness.