Shimano 14 SPHEROS SW 5000HG Spinning reel from Japan New!

Shimano 14 SPHEROS SW 5000HG Spinning reel from Japan New!

Price: US$149.99


Item description

Gear ratio: 5.7

Practical drag force: 49.0 N / 5.0 kg

Maximum drag force: 98.0 N / 10.0 kg

Weight: 495 g

Spool size: 54 / 17.5 mm

Nylon thread wound amount (No.-m): 4-200 / 5-150 / 6-130

PE thread volume (No. - m): 2-350 / 3-240 / 4-170

Maximum winding length (per handle rotation): 97 cm

We do not allow sea water invasion! Fully armed SW reel! ● X - SHIP: X - SHIP adopts X - SHIP which eliminates rotational resistance by increasing size and optimum arrangement of gears, improvement of tooth surface accuracy and supporting performance, and improves power transmission efficiency of gear parts. Direct and powerful winding is realized. ● X-SHIELD: Body / lid fitting surface, spool / drag knob contact portion, powerful sealing applied everywhere, shut out the water ingress path. It ensures high reliability and durability in harsh SW scenes. ● X-PROTECT: The contact type triple lip structure is adopted for the roller clutch part which is the key to waterproofing. In addition to providing high waterproof performance that can withstand water pressure, special grease is filled between lips to eliminate frictional resistance. ● Screw-in type handle: Machine cut handle with smart design. Collapsible, simple and sophisticated form is attractive.