Daiwa 16 Certate 3012H Spinning reel from Japan New!

Daiwa 16 Certate 3012H Spinning reel from Japan New!

Price: US$518.00


Item description

Spinning reel size: 3000

Fishing method that can be used: Shoajiging

Main target: Sea bass trout Warasha Inada Blue

Standard winding amount nylon (lb - m): 12-150, 16-100, standard winding amount PE (number - m): 1 - 280, 1.5 - 200

Self weight: 270 g

Winding length (per handle rotation): 95 cm

Gear ratio: 5.6

Maximum drag force: 7 kg

Improvement of waterproof, durability and rotation performance. "Mag Shield" which does not stop evolution is added to the main shaft and the line roller, "Mag Shield Ball Bearing" is equipped on both drive gear shafts, the rotation performance is improved as well as the waterproof and durability performance, the new ultra lightweight air rotor Compared with conventional air rotors, it realized lighter weight more than 10% while increasing strength. Rotational initial motion was lighter by more than 10%, sensitivity improved. ATD (Automatic Drag System) keeps smooth effect while keeping pull of fish loaded in all sizes. And, the long-awaited heavy duty (HD) model also appeared, the high rigidity monocoque body dramatically improved the rotation performance and the waterproof performance.