Shimano Stella 1000SSS-DH

Shimano Stella 1000SSS-DH

Price: US$609.99


Item description

Gear ratio: 5.1

Practical drag force / maximum drag force (kg): 2.0 / 3.0

Weight (g): 175

Spool size (diameter / stroke) (mm): 40 / 13.5

Nylon thread wound amount (lb - m): 2-100, 3 - 60

Fluor Wound volume (lb - m): 2-80, 3 - 55

PE thread winding amount (No. - m): 0.3 - 120, 0.4 - 90

Maximum winding length (cm / one turn of handle): 64

Seeking a smooth winding that will never change forever. ● Review of the design to one of the teeth of the drive gear, equipped with an ideal tooth shaped micro module gear II. Furthermore, in order to thoroughly eliminate the slight rattle feeling and stiff feeling at the time of winding, newly adopted a newly designed silent drive that suppresses rattling of the mechanism section. Body and line rollers adopt X Protect which made waterproofness up, and continue to protect smooth & silent which is the true stem of Stella.